A standard Domain Name Parking Page looks at each listed domain and find its general audience. For example, the Parking audience for CARZ.COM, CARX.COM, iCAR.COM, XCAR.COM, and KARS.COM will most likely be the very same audience for the very popular hosted Trademarks CAR.COM and CARS.COM. The Park Page only care about generating marketing revenue off the Parked Domain Names; it does not care about issues of possible Trademark Infringement. If a hosted trademark owner filed a complaint against particular Parked Domain Name(s) which are “slightly similar in looks” and is being used for a “slightly similar purpose”, the Arbitrator Judge will order ICANN and your Registrar to revoke the ownership rights of the current owner and award the Parked Domain Name to the Plaintiff or Complainer.

The main issue is when a Parked Domain Name looks similar and is being used for a slightly similar purpose. Trademark Infringement issues will also arise if the Parked Domain Name is not a current Trademark itself.

The vast majority of Parked Domain Names are not current Trademarks. Trademarking is very expensive, time consuming, and involves lawyers and a lot of paperwork. The main reason why so many domain names are being Parked is because the owner of the domain name is either waiting for the value to increase, waiting for a possible buyer, not yet ready to use the domain name, trying to gain revenue off parking, or just doesn’t know what to do with it.

A valuable domain name sitting on a Parked Page is just waiting to be confiscated by ICANN. You may think you can just move your domain place to place to prevent it from being taken, however once a complaint is filed against the domain name, the registrar is compelled by law to place the domain name in a frozen status or lock status to prevent the owner moving the domain name or from doing anything at all with the domain name. The owner of the domain name has absolutely no rights or privileges to the domain name once it is frozen or locked. The Plaintiff usually provides visual screenshots to the Arbitrator to show how the Trademark Infringement occurred. Once the Arbitration case is resolved, the registrar will release the domain name to whomoever the Arbitrator Judge deems to be the owner.

If a domain owner losses their domain name at Arbitration, they cannot turn to the Park Page Registrar for compensation. Domain name registrars usually have a contract clause which states that it is the domain owner's responsibility to monetize or non-monetize their domain name through Parking or Cash Parking. So basically if your domain name is Parked and your ownership privileges get revoked, it is really the fault of the domain owner.

A Turn-Key-Site publishes your domain name without generating an audience for a particular domain name. By not generating an audience for a particular domain name, Infringement will not occur. If a Turn-Key-Site Domain Listing Page does have marketing attached, the user has total control to decide whether or not to associate any ads that may have a similar meaning to a particular domain name. On a standard Parked Page, the domain name owner has no control over the content being advertised.